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1780s Guy: you are on notice
Todd Brisket
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1780s Guy: kissing ass and taking names
I love you buddy

1780's Guy
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I'm here. I'm not ignoring the issue.
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Feeney, to Dameshek (re: reading message boards): How 'bout you read your daughter a book? "Oh, no no no, I gotta see what 1780's Guy said." [Daves Of Thunder, Episode 60]

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You've said that several times before big guy. Now nobody trusts you. And you've got Neil -- who should be a global mod a year ago -- actually creating another forum, he's so anxious to go. And he reflects everyone.
I think you've got about one week and then we will begin working on the replacement without you. You should strongly consider being on the team instead of leading it from behind. Think about it won't you?
Because why do you want to continue running the board? It took you over 24 hours to respond to this thread which called you out, by name. Your absenteeism is hurting this community.
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JGdmn wrote:When they outlaw kids, only outlaws will have kids.

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Jerma Jesty wrote:Yep. It's TIME TO GO, Guy.

If you lose Jerma... You've lost the masses, if you lose the masses, you've lost the war...

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Lots of excellent points here.
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