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Bald Bryan Anticipation - love when he nails drops
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Baldy is the best.
He adds to show on so many levels.

1780's Guy
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WARNING: Old thread bump in progress

abravermancan wrote:Any questions for him, I am doing an interview with him later today.

1. Did this happen?

2. I think he is awful at drops. I admit that it doesn't help that I don't like him, but how is repeatedly playing a just captured drop (like Greg screaming (as Redd Fox) today) over and over again hilarious? He's clearly moved in as third mic, which I also don't care for, but his drops pale in comparison to other Carolla-related drop guys like Mike or Anderson.
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Dont Tell Ray
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he is no longer picking and choosing his moments.

but the other day he said that 'pussy lips' is the most requested #TOP_DROP every day. that also says something about the audience these days.. and about him that he obliges and finds it hilarious since he plays it so often
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Cherry Pie
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Completely true story:

I work for a huge company. We have a tiny computer lab at one of our sites. Anyone can go in and check in and use the internet (as long as they aren't looking at porn or anything really offensive.) So anyway, I was checking out this old loveline link at work a couple years ago. There are less than ten people standing around talking softly. I open the link and out of nowhere I hear Carolla shouting:

"You're nine years old, and you've never ate a bitch out?"

I nearly shat myself. I looked around and was shocked to find everyone else absorbed in what they were doing. They were either on the telephone, listening to headphones or absorbed in conversation. It was one of the strangest moments of my life.
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I've had two separate occasions where my headphones were pulled from the jack, blasting Carolla into the open air. Definitely made my heart skip a beat
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