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eBay auction(s)
1780's Guy
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I'm confused, what is the pile of stuff being auctioned off all about? Were these gifts/items of Bryan's that they're dumping for cash? Did someone donate these?
Whomever is manning the @BaldBryan Twitter account sent out an update earlier, I guess I missed the backstory. I'm sure our British pal will be along shortly to link me to 25 articles explaining these items.
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Neil T
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Huh? What, now? I just woke up. What's this pile of crap they're hawking? It looks like Adam is emptying out stuff from the superwarehouse.
I guess they're just getting going, and will add more "cool stuff" later.

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seller has no feedback
my conjecture is that:
probably, as with buying the podcast, paypal acct is Christie Clough
probably Bryan got the DVDs as gifts and already had them (boxes are unopened)

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