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OFFICIAL "Laughs For Bald Bryan" Event Discussion&
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maggie wrote:Met Bryan and Teresa. Teresa was so sweet and Batman was by her side the whole night. She was warm and very down to earth. Bryan was also as nice as you would imagine. His wife is adorable.
Was next to Lynette at several points during the evening and she is beautiful. Seems very sweet and was waiting in line with the rest of us for drinks at the bar!

That was actually Teresa's friend (I forget his name), as Batman was at home with the baby. But yes, she was great, as was Lynette... Lynette wouldn't cut in the bar line no matter how much I and others insisted, and was incredibly nice and easy to talk to.

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ImbodenPhotography wrote:Doug from DMC Photography was in charge of following Adam around, so if you took a picture with Adam, they should be posted here.

do you think Adam was successful in not staring at this chicks cans?
i dont.

heap of tears
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i like that lady :unsure:

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Cioffi wrote:Stay tuned for a podcast of all the events on stage, plus some behind the scenes stuff.
Much appreciation to the people who performed and signed off on the idea of releasing this stuff.

we were looking for you Coifi! ran in to mike dawson tho. loooved that night!

Miss Movies
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I should ask Adam to moderate my classroom auction in December. I think the kids would love it.
I am sure Bryan could pull some strings for me.

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Gotta question for those who went. I don't know if you noticed but Adam had some classic songs playing in the background. I heard Vehicle by the Ides of March and thought I was going to hear Adam break out into kareoke, or at least I kinda hoped he would have. I think I heard "Young Girl", but Gary Puckett too. Anyway, does anyone know how we can go about getting the playlist, that would be so awesome.

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Just got around to listening to the $1.99 download. Is the Dan Band not in the recording? If not, still way more than worth it.

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