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2016-02-04 ACS: Amy Hoggart and Matt Atchity
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My bad, didn't even look at what thread we were in
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If I'm being honest, none of that stuff bothers me, as long as it's understood we're just having fun dressing up. Not as a daily thing. But then, I don't like ear piercing till like, forever, so what do I know.

ETA - Nail polish is fine, daughter asks to have her toes did whenever wife is doing her own.
cantjudge wrote:Oh, I thought all the black wangs would help.

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taco muncher
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Hypermotard wrote:
Cherry Pie wrote:I don't think 9 year old girls should be gluing shit to their eyes, that's all.

Why is it different than piercing ears or painting fingernails or any other makeup stuff?

The Little Miss Springfield/JonBenet thing of dolling up children is weird. She's going to Cotillion, not the Golden Globes.

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Goofball wrote:Go to 14:10.

Gary says, regarding not booking a haircut on Saturday,"I thought I was going to have a Mila Kunis/Anna Faris Show to do."

He's the new producer of that podcast?

Horrible guess by me right there. :roll:

Adam was the guest on Anna Faris is Unqualified on Saturday.

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I am the wife. Also, piss off.
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Allballz wrote:Cotillion is for future debutantes (aka filthy rich kids), right? Did Adam explain why they're doing this?! Debutantes have no grit.

I always thought this was a coming-of-age ritual for Southerners of higher social classes. No idea why 9 year olds in LA are now co-opting this event.

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On a Roderick on The Line episode from earlier this year John mentioned doing Cotillion in Alaska but IIRC at a slightly older age than when the Carolla twins were doing it.

Joe Matarese on The Nick Di Paolo Show mentioned doing it and he was raised in Philadelphia IIRC.

poochies uncle
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How come Adam didn't have this work ethic when loveline and the morning show was paying him millions of dollars.

You had a hot mic starting right at 10 pm for loveline and 6am for the morning show and he would show up 30 seconds before the show and be the first one out of the door at the end of the show.

Now he is the boss everybody lacks a work ethic except him. Because nothing says work ethic by complaining into a microphone complaining about every little last thing in your life.

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Because when you get paid millions for 2 hours of work you don't give a fuuuuuuck

Now he has to beg for listeners and donations and have his wife whore his hobo wine for him
SharonNeedles wrote:I'm with Jewdo on this one

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All roads eventually lead to Hitler
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Adam done got poochicized.
cantjudge wrote:What kinda benis do you got?

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You done been Hypmotized
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If you never try anything new, you'll miss out on many of life's great disappointments.

Digital Blackface wrote:why are you all so stupid?

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