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Adam Carolla Rule - How Many Times Will Adam Mention It?
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My bad, didn't even look at what thread we were in
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Tough to say for sure, but it was something like "Oh yeah, that's right, great." Very nonchalant. Yeah, possibly he just didn't remember it at all and had the wherewithal to not yell about something he hadn't witnessed.
cantjudge wrote:Oh, I thought all the black wangs would help.

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ZombyWoof wrote:Me too. I don't know whether to be impressed or concerned.

I haven't heard that call. Is it possible he doesn't know about it? Is JJ right about him being blotto and missing it?

Having dealt with several alcoholics in my life, I'm certain that Adam was blackout drunk when the kick happened. He realized that he had no recollection of the kick and just nonchalantly said, "Oh yeah, I forgot about that" to cover up the fact that he has no memory of it. If he had truly forgotten about it (very unlikely), then the caller would have stirred a great emotional response and rant. But to cover himself, he just glazed over it and moved on. Without any memory of it, he realized he would get caught messing up the details. This is really common in blackout drunks. They don't want to admit to anyone that they have no idea what they're talking about, so they just go along with whatever is being said and try to move on as quickly as possible.

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Whoa, let's stop with the armchair psychoanalysis
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ZombyWoof wrote:かわいそう

I'll save you all the Google: "poor thing" in Japanese.

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It looks kind of like "boobies"
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jovialjackee wrote:
ZombyWoof wrote:かわいそう

I'll save you all the Google: "poor thing" in Japanese.

Thanks :D

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PlaysByEar wrote:It looks kind of like "boobies"

You must have seen some weird boobies.
cantjudge wrote:What kinda benis do you got?

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I see "bitchezs."

Maybe I need more cough syrup.

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This parody reads like Adam's script: http://viz.co.uk/the-1980-olevel-sexism ... xam-paper/

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