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Adam Carollas Toque
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Cherry Pie wrote:
pigvomit wrote:
appleshampoo wrote:Great minds have asked this question in the past.

Well it was hard to decipher through all the bs but I think a mod has to do it? F*ing figures. I guess when you don't have control over something in your personal life, you gotta get that need met somewhere. :roll:

Are you that one guy? What was his name...Pritchard Barker? He was an angry, little man. I hope he's balls deep in therapy right now.

Fuck you, bitch.

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You done been Hypmotized
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If you never try anything new, you'll miss out on many of life's great disappointments.

Digital Blackface wrote:why are you all so stupid?

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Lily white and always polite
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I knew there was something familiar about that guy.

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Whoa, let's stop with the armchair psychoanalysis
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ZombyWoof wrote:
pigvomit wrote:are we gonna stand for control hungry mods or are we gonna take a stand

This is so KLSX "O" board. Who were you there?

Ben Reilly?
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Im not special.
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pigvomit wrote:I was wondering how you put a quote under your avatar?

How do you feel about, 'Shoulder Rolling through life" as an undertitle?

Cherry Pie
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Perhaps I'm making snap judgments again.
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Where is Shoulder Roll? Did 1780's ban him?
OldSnake wrote:you haven't even figured out how to properly quote people in your signature yet

1780's Guy
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Dunno, heard he moved to Philly.
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This place is rotten from the top.
RIP Uncle Al. Always in our T's&P's

Cherry Pie wrote: I don't know what my point is, exactly...

HuellHauser wrote:I'm in a lot of signatures.

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