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Why does Gina start every news story with "well..."?
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Is it a verbal tick? A habit from radio? I can't not notice it now, and it bumps me a little. Every single news story, she starts off like this:

"Well Donald Trump is one step closer to locking down the Republican nomination...."

"Well Caitlin Jenner can breathe a sigh of relief as it was just announced her show was renewed for another season..."

"Well if you thought beer was bad for you, doctors have good news..."

Listen for it. Am I crazy? It's annoying, right? What's up with that?

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Well, I've definitely noticed it, but you gotta let some things roll off man.

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Well, put a tarp down first.
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Well, it's because she sucks.
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She has to have some sort of connecting word, I don't see what's wrong with "well".

I do hate the topics of the news though. It's basically the recycled crap from her morning show where they talk about the trashiest Kardashian/Charlie Sheen junk possible.

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My bad, didn't even look at what thread we were in
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I'm not sure she choses the stories, don't they come from a Mike? I go back and forth on the news content. Yes, they mostly talk about non-news, but that might be for the best since the hope is just to set up some lulz. I don't think we need more of Adam's real talk about important matters.

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So this is not as bad as people that start off with the word 'so'. (See: pet peeves thread)

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So you're saying she goes to the well too often with that one irregardless if it is needed. Got it.

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At least she has several variations to mix it up.

1. The let's-just-get-through-it version: "WelltheSupremeCourt has decided..."
2. The raising-an-eyebrow up-talk version: "Welllllllll, Kanye West has some explaining to do..."
3. The declarative you-won't-believe-this version: "Well! Caitlyn Jenner is going to need a new publicist..."

Davis Bowl
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It's way less annoying than Alison Rosen starting off with "Sooooo..."

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Well she doesn't have much of a personality or anything to add to the show, so she has to have something to connect all of her recycled fluff piece stories.

It's still not as annoying as when she uses her cheerful tone to talk about gruesome news about murder or terrorism.

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Davis Bowl wrote:It's way less annoying than Alison Rosen starting off with "Sooooo..."

You know, I've noticed this "So..." starter word everywhere lately. Every newscast and radio interview these days when the interviewer asks a question, the person replying will always start with "So,...." Even when the contestants on Shark Tank are answering questions from the millionaires they start off their answers with "So,..." It's weird. Is there some professional speech class where they teach this as the proper method of answering questions??"

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Haven't noticed that on Shark Tank but it sounds annoying as hell. It makes it seem like they're trying to buy time while they think of an answer to the question.
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I'll take "so" and "well" over "I mean" to start every answer to any question, even when the question isn't "What do you mean?", like for instance:

Person 1: How was your day?
Irritating Person 2: I mean, it was pretty good, but it could have been better.

There was no previous statement to clarify for heaven's sakes.
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