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2016-03-04 ACS: Kevin Clancy and Jeff Abraham
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Tacos. Porn. Expensive Cars.. Keep talkin'.....

Freakishly Plausible

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How long until the Jeff Abraham/Vinnie Tortorich crossover episode?

Neil T
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For Creeping Out Ladies.

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Was Adam drunk during this show? He really sounded like he was shot out of a cannon the whole show and was really having issues letting others speak. During the start of the interview with Kevin Clancy, Adam proposed a long ass question and continued for so long, that Kevin had to jump in and say, " I have the answer!" and Adam just kept rambling over him. The worse part of the show for me though, had to be when someone called in and asked Adam about some car show and Adam went on some diatribe about cars and really tried to push any of his non car fanatic fans from continuing to listen to the rest of the show.

Kristen Carney dodged a bullet by not getting the News girls job(which was probably never up for grabs to begin with because they always wanted to sign Gina). That was a rough show to listen to, easily the worse show I've heard all year.

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