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How Old Are You?
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Jerma Jesty wrote:Trust me, your 30s are awesome. And in ways that you just can't predict.

Ahhh my thirties.....I was invincible!...now...not so much.

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31 here and for anyone curious I made up this batman_yo user name way back in BBS/Prodigy days and am so uncreative I have used it ever since. I never even liked batman that much.

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I'm turning 28 in November. I hate growing old and I cant believe that I'm actually gonna be 30 one day. Its pretty depressing. I still look really young and am still stuck in a 20 something year old's mind set. I cant see my self really changing either. Some people I new from when I was a teen are married with kids. of course I have shunned them from my life. What is wrong with them. They're not even 30. How can you be so eager to ruin your life with marriage and children. One thing I know is that I'll never be happy married because your wife will one day be 50 and old but I'll still be 50 and young looking like David Duchovny and I'll still want to bang 19 year olds. I'll never get married because I don't want to go through hell getting a divorce. I'll lose all my money.

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