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What connects you to Adam?
Neil T
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Dead chuffed
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It occurs to me, reading the board, that many of the Adam fans here are connected to Adam for multiple, but common reasons.
Personally, I identify with Adam partly because I came from a crappy family who "weren't bad people, they were just bad at being people".
I also like cars, and obviously love his humour, but I think the family thing is what connects me most closely to Adam in terms of identifying with him.
How say you?

Two Bit Monster
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I have almost nothing in common with Adam in terms of life circumstances, career, education, family background or interests. I just think he’s funny. That’s enough for me.

Jerma Jesty
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My connection is the impotent rage one feels at trying to make it through one day without running into some idiot that makes your day more difficult than it should be.
That and our love of Dr Drew.
Nobody... nobody trusts anybody now, and we're all very tired.

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intentionally bad ass wiper
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"Hatred of Mexicans" isn't on the list, so I chose none of the above

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Hypocritical Singing Carpenter
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About four of those I have in common with Adam. But I know the most about carpentry and contracting, so I'll say that.

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Penis didn't make the list

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