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Which games from the radio show are worth keeping?
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Sorry, but the board only allows you to vote for one answer. Not sure if mods can enable multiple vote type polls or not.
EDIT: I would have added "Will Angie Eat It" but I do believe she has left the podcast
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Jerma Jesty
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Only Blah Blah Blog and Tivo Trivia. Who the F is hit or miss for me, but if I had to choose another, that would be the one.
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This spam attack has really been an opportunity to walk through some DFS history.
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The obvious answer was Hobo Power.
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Prison Mike
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Those Jerma hands! What a flashback.

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They revived the will he eat it game for the 2 tech lackeys in the other building, who live on Cheerios, and it was amusing however one of them may or may not have been fired because he left the couch in the lobby askew...

I remember Angie wouldn't eat Ranier cherries. I had never heard of them but now every summer, pounce when they appear for a few weeks. I wonder if Adam still enjoys cherries on that wretched cave man diet.

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I tried those ranier cherries this summer after hearing so much about them for so many years. Major disappointment.
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Not the same thing holms

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