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Was turning down the radio gig the right decision?
Neil T
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A simple question, with a simple set of answers. How say you, fellow Ace fans?

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No, because he could have kept doing his podcast on the side. He is incredibly busy now but still manages to release 5 shows per week. He could have kept his name in the podcast world in case that truly is the wave of the future. He could have increased the level of his podcast by limiting his travel, had a lucrative guaranteed contract with a bigger audience to grow his podcast audience. It is all win win to me from what he explained and feels like we aren't getting the whole story.
JGdmn wrote:Rajun is white?!?!?

Well nevermind. Fuck that cracker.

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I say Yay, because he had to keep his podcast separate from his radio show. I liked that he had the balls (craziness) to do what he did, even though it may not have been the smartest decision.

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I give a resounding Meh.

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