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"Zip it, Cunt!" Keep it or Dump it?
Prison Mike
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Alison has said she gets lots of emails about this, so what do you think?
One one hand, she picked it and is sticking with it, so why not?
On the other, today she was sitting next to a female guest and said it noticeably quieter, like she was embarassed. I know people who freely drop F-Bombs who won't utter the C-word, to there's still a general dislike of the word. It seems like it would be awkward if they got a politician into the studio with them or something.

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Prison Mike wrote:One one hand, she picked it and is sticking with it, so why not?

Isn't it a quote from Adam though?

Spider Jerusalem
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Isn't it incredibly strange and unfunny, though?

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dump it

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Zip it you guys!
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Driver wrote:
Prison Mike wrote:One one hand, she picked it and is sticking with it, so why not?

Isn't it a quote from Adam though?

yes, Adam came up with it. It is not even her original.

Okie Dokie
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It doesn't even make sense. It wild if Adam told her to zip it, cunt at the end of her segment.

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The fact that she hasn't dropped it already AND she says it with no pzazzz is just one of the reasons she's my least favorite newsgirl.
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Her final command makes sense, if viewed as a dig at Adam's blather during the news segment.

."Zip it, Cunt" (directed at Adam) could be Alison having the last word, telling Adam to 'put a sock in it, we're through here, so just stop ranting'. Its the 'power-off' circuit breaker to Adam's comedy warehouse.

Her having a subtle private joke at Adam's expense is the only way uttering that crude-ism on a regular basis makes sense.

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keep it

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It doesn't make sense, and it's not funny. I can't believe she hasn't Rosenated over it enough to realize that yet.

Stan H
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She may be stuck with it now, like Jimmy Walker saying "DYNOMITE!!!"

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Mix it up a bit..... "ZIP IT DICKCHEESE!!"

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Dump. It adds nothing and isn't even funny.

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Of course it's unfunny. It never was funny. It COULD have been funny, in a "All In The Family" sort of way. But this cast of idiots could never steer the boat properly in that direction. The question is largely moot. Dump It.

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