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Alison Rosen
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alright, calm down internet
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beeney wrote:my vagina and asshole felt like it exploded open.

Huell's Haberdashery Hangout Hour: The Podcast

heap of tears
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sowing the seeds
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HuellHauser wrote:Oh internet.
A ton of people! Meaning the one person who voted yes, who was probably rotornator.

no. it was really me. it was a mistake. I got all happy to vote and prematurely ejaculated on the yes button.

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Banana Cream Pie Pundit
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rotornator wrote:Thank you kids for making my point. You are the reason no one with any maturity posts on forums anymore. When you get done trolling and fanbashing me for having an opinion, I hear there are more posts for you to shit on in the Britney Spears and Lady GaGa forums. Don't waste your time responding with my post because I am no longer responding to stupidity. By the way, the Twilight Saga is on kiddies!

Yeah you are kinda gayish. Please go away.

Todd Brisket
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human interaction simulation
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Are we trolling and fanbashing by voting 'No'?
Wow, we must be really desensitized to trolling and fanboying at this point.

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Well, if we're going to get called trolls and fanboys either way we might as well do something to deserve it. OP is a either a latent homosexual, or Teresa Strasser.

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Banana Cream Pie Pundit
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rotornator wrote:When I started this poll, I wasn't looking for input from fanboys or trollers. I made a legitimate opinion that was targeted to listeners having the same issues. When I stated I wasn't going into details about Alison, I meant that there are tons of people who feel the same way and know exactly what I'm referring to. But due to the responses so far I'm either too late and those people have moved on or are too lazy to respond. All I'm trying to say is Alison is a sweet talented girl, but has no business being on this show anymore. In a nutshell, the show is straying from The Adam Carolla Show to the Allison Rosen and Adam show.

Sorry I prefer this retort:
<iframe width="560" height="315" src="http://www.youtube.com/embed/5hfYJsQAhl0" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

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Sorry, I love her.

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you have literally no clue what trolling or fanboying mean

2nd Best Oral Receiver
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I, too, wore PullUps at age 6
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I enjoyed that his post calling out peoples maturity was the least mature post of this thread.

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I stopped listening to the main podcast mainly because of Allison. Her one-liners are excruciating and she is relentless with them and it's really not my style. Plus she has such a dull, immature, uninformed worldview which is surprising for a woman her age. But I can understand if certain people like that schtick of hers however I still don't think she's a good fit for Carolla and I wonder who decided this was a good idea. Not that Carolla gives a shit. He has been phoning it in for a while now. He decided to hitch his wagon to the rising star that is Allison and by now she is about half the show. I think it ought to be called the Adam and Allison Show, to be fair to her contribution.
You are not going to get any consensus on this board, the people here are generally ornery and dimwitted, any negative comments about Allison are typically met with personal insults and wishes that you die. Also, they seem to hate Carolla which is weird. Not that you don't have a valid point about Allison--plenty of people can't stand her, they are just not present here. the Carolla podcast is a mess these days, its on the road to nowheresville and while I'm not saying Allison is the cause of it, but her growing voice on the show is a strong indicator of it. I still listen to Carcast and Ace on the House and the occasional one-on-one because that is still Adam at his best, he actually sounds engaged and isn't saddled with Allison and Bryan having to constantly prop up their amateurish jokes. There is room to breathe on these shows, while the main "ACS" has just become this relentless onslaught of hackiness and insincerity.

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I like urban kids
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bencandy wrote:dull, immature, uninformed...

bencandy wrote:generally ornery and dimwitted...

bencandy wrote:personal insults
1780's Guy wrote:Per usual, sack is correct.

Cherry Pie wrote:You're stupid, Todd.

Gimme a break
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You made humor the issue, not me.
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Where are all these trolls and fanboys swearing maniacally at people who say negative things about Alison, telling them to die and such? Is there another board somewhere or something?
Cunnilingus wrote:Gimme a Break: Most underrated poster.

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I think this might have fared better had the question been framed differently. I of course voted, "please consider a new "whatever" Alison is supposed to be".

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That's five chudhole posts complaining about Alison and one chudhole post complaining about the Jill Zarin episode.
"we get it, now fuck off"

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Adam is saddled with nothing. If he didn't want Alison or Bryan there, they would be gone.
I haven't listened to the show for weeks, pick and choose guests and it has nothing to do with Alison, or Bryan. It has to do with Adam being repetitive, unprepared, and a general lack of variety in the show.
I have no idea what the show could do to make it more enjoyable, and it isn't my place to say. I do find it hilarious that the OP keeps saying 'I'm not going to go into it here' and acting like we should know exactly what his complaints are.

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