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Would you donate money to Adam's new movie project?

Poll ended at May 7th, 2013, 10:16 am

Total votes : 17
Would you donate money to Adam's new movie project?
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The game, not the airport, eh.
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I did not support the movie, first was the taint of trump, and second they were not selling anything I wanted.

I would have pre-purchased a DRM free digital file of the movie for $10-$15 though, but can't say the open ended nature thrilled me. Did it say when they are actually filming it? Where was the promised scene to prove that the movie would be funny? Sorry, but the Cranston videos quickly went from funny to cringe worthy and that was mostly Adam's fault. That does not fill me with confidence.

Also note that I crossed the fucking border to go see The Hammer in theatre, so it isn't like I am a total hater. I liked The Hammer and bought it on DVD. I just do not have confidence in anything that Adam writes, produces, directs, edits, and stars in nor do I have any faith in Hench. Adam needs someone else in charge to shine, when he is the only boss his laziness and "good enough" tendencies come out as is shown by the podcast.

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