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Do you hate the show?

I hate it
I don't hate it
Total votes : 58
{POLL} Do YOU Hate the Show?
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I don't hate it, which makes it all the more disappointing when it isn't good.

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I don't hate the show. But I kind of hate Adam.

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i hate the live shows
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phpBB [video]
I hate this !!!!

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MDX wrote:
phpBB [video]

I miss this. Since podcasts came along I no longer listen to music. :(
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I don't HATE the show, but the trend is heading in that direction. These are the stages I went through so far:

1) Hmm... this podcast sounds interesting.
2) Wow, Adam is pretty funny!
3) Adam has some hilarious observations!
4) Ha, he mentioned his parents and his upbringing again!
5) Ha, he mentioned how he hates 80s satellite radio again!
6) Goalposts again?
7) Why does Alison have to throw in her irrelevant (but "quirky") observations so much during live shows?
8) Okay, I'm gonna fast-forward parts of the show that annoy me

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I'm fine with the show how it is. I'll admit, after well over a decade of listening, a lot of Adam's stuff has gotten stale, but it's still worth it to me to put it on everyday as really engaging background noise.

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i hate the rehash. I love the new stuff. I hate hearing about "Focus on education and the family!" because it is a dumb idea and an oversimplification. I hate alisons personal stories that are dumb, but i love her sharp one liners when she just adds to an already funny joke. So no, I don't hate the show, but I hate certain parts of it. And I hate them because they are such simple fixes, it seems dumb not to address them.

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cantjudge wrote:What kinda benis do you got?

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No hate, no listen

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This poll is too binary for a reasonable person to respond to.
I love you.

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I don't hate it. I listen to it almost every day (But due to short commute, I don't average getting through a show every day)

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