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No Safe Spaces - Adam's Crowdfunded Documentary
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My bad, didn't even look at what thread we were in
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Todd Brisket wrote:
Cherry Pie wrote:Image

This made me laugh. Does that make me a jerk?

A human reaction to a tragedy and a crazy man talking about college kids?

Maybe she's laughing because only one of the two can tie their own tie.
_me wrote:a guy sucking YOUR dick doesn't mean you're gay

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I like urban kids
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Or, at Ace's ill-fitting suit and wrinkled, passe collar.
1780's Guy wrote:Per usual, sack is correct.

Cherry Pie wrote:You're stupid, Todd.

poochies uncle
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cut her some slack, she is in a manic phase right now.

Chef Lorena Garcia
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I'd also advise against stealing a baby
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Hypermotard wrote:Are there any left leaning speakers getting shut down?

https://www.thefire.org/hecklers-shout- ... r-college/

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You done been Hypmotized
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Now we're talking
If you never try anything new, you'll miss out on many of life's great disappointments.

appleshampoo wrote:"The Goodfellas of figure skating"...Uhhh..okay.

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