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"Can We Take a Joke?" Doc
Jazz trumpeter Sonny
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Adam Carolla to appear in a new documentary called, "Can We Take a Joke?"


"We've all seen it a million times: a comedian tells a joke, someone else gets offended, someone else blogs about it, and then 'boom!,' outrage spreads across the land," says filmmaker Ted Balaker who is currently finishing up his latest documentary, "Can We Take A Joke?." The film, which features comedians Gilbert Gottfried, Jim Norton, Lisa Lampanelli, Adam Carolla, Karith Foster, and Penn Jillette, examines the role of comedy in our culture of constant outrage.

"Comedians don't even have the freedom of conscience to just be neutral on something," Balaker told Reason TV's Nick Gillespie. "[They] have to affirm what the cool kids believe."

Balaker, a frequent Reason TV contributor, sat down with Gillespie at this year's FreedomFest 2015 to talk about the current state of comedy, how technology has fueled the outrage machine, and how comedians are fighting back against PC zealots.

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Doesn't sound all that interesting. But, anything that is against the social media mob culture is all right in my book. Buncha crazy fucks that should just be ignored in any society.

Harry Seaward
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Jon Ronson's latest book, " So you've been publicly shamed", delves into this mob behavior. Is a good read.
Made up podcast: Adam liked the name PO'Dcast and tossed a show together.

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Yus, I read that recently (and bored everyone with m'review on AfterPod):

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The clip begins with a person who just released a $100 million movie.

This person immediately said that she would never go on ACS after Adam made the 'women aren't funny' comment.

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