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Huell Howser's old home for sale
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That is a great clip. HH is very charismatic. You could tell they wanted to kick him and his camera out, but he was just too loveable.

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johnsok0 wrote:Me too, never saw any video of HH himself, this was fantastic.
"resident of the world"

Same here. Good start to Friday.

We like it quiet.

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Well, it was nice talkin' to ya
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My bad, didn't even look at what thread we were in
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3 minutes of taking a phone call on video where the viewer can only hear one side of the conversation. Probably the inspiration for Adam's idea to podcast things the listener can't see.
cantjudge wrote:Oh, I thought all the black wangs would help.

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That combined with Andy Rooney's inspirational complaining = number one podcast.
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