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Bellator 149 or (The Elderly and the Irrelevant)
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Man what a shit show.

Kimbo vs Dada 5000. Look, I realize that this is a lesser promotion than the UFC so I wasn't expecting greatness but holy shit this is your co-main event? After this fight there should be zero hype for either of them ever again. It was horrendous. Just 90 seconds into the second round, neither guy could even lift their hands. Dada finally fell but I seriously doubt it was because of any punch that Kimbo threw, he just wanted to lay down and take a nap.
Here's your highlight:

Shamrock and Gracie. Man o man, I was such a fan of both of these guys when I was kid so this was hard to watch. Neither seemed to want to engage. Ultimately Gracie got the TKO after an inadvertent knee to Shamrock's groin that the ref didn't see.

Afterwords my boy turned to me and said, "Dad, lets never watch one of those again."

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