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2015-02-17 FCOL: Crazy Haired Kids and Confidence Building
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Lynette and Stefanie open Tuesday's episode examining the apps on the main page of Stef's phone. Then, Stefanie shares Elby and Sadie's new hair styles, which took a little convincing before Stef would approve. That leads into a discussion on Lynette and Stefanie's hair styles when they were in elementary and middle school. Then, Lynette shares the story of Natalia's meltdown over her own hair before going over to Jimmy Kimmel's house. After that, Stef gets into an over-the-phone altercation with her kids camp organizer. Then, both Lynette and Stef talk about how they enjoy their kids basketball games, and how to build up confidence in your kids when they're playing sports. Before they wrap, the ladies dish on the appropriate way to handle the demanding tone kids take with their parents every once in a while.

http://serve.castfire.com/audio/2437146 ... _id%3D1722

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