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Loveline 2011
Dont Tell Ray
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for those who listen to old episodes, and possible post adam era -- looked at some 2011/01 in archive, stumbled upon some decent episodes:
Drew was gone on his "second honeymoon"

Loveline-2011-01-09cf - Tosh, Dolenz - Mike is half hour or so late so Tosh.0 and some british not-Simone lady carry the show in the beginning. Tosh seemingly disgusted/aroused by filthy topics. toward the end the lady-therapist claims it's "normal" for guys to finish on girls face :shock: :shock:

Loveline-2011-01-11cf - Jim Jeffries - no Drew. Jim Jeffries is an awesome guest

afterwards two shows follow with Dr. Spaz

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Where else would you finish?
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appleshampoo wrote:"The Goodfellas of figure skating"...Uhhh..okay.

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Was Tosh a guest host or something?
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Mattyboy wrote:Was Tosh a guest host or something?

He was a contender to be the new host but that was right around the time his career was taking off.

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Anderson was a BEEG advocate for Tosh - I think that kid turned out ok, btw.
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Dont Tell Ray
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so on "Loveline-2011-05-10cf - Adam Carolla" they mentioned the caller behind "just thinking about the holocaust" called back twice few weeks back. does anyone know the date/time? was it any good and worth to track down?

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