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AOTH Generic Thread/General Discussion
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Oh no Ray, that Art of Tidying Up book is OCD fucking nuts. I read it because it appeared on a stack of books on Teresa Strasser’s instagram quite a long while ago and looked interesting. I don’t like clutter, I don’t save memorabilia, I don’t like useless objects, and I like organization. However I want to be relaxed in my space and the author is crazy obsessive about sorting and assigns way too much importance to STUFF.

The Japanese woman recommended cutting the fronts off cereal boxes and putting them in drawers to further organize small things and obsess over how your underwear is folded. I would never put tacky cardboard in my lovely maple dresser drawers. Drawers are good, boxes within drawers (that are themselves boxes) are usually stupid. Yes of course they are sometimes needed but if your home is a series of boxes within boxes within boxes you have too much shit and are too focused on it.

Author is obsessed with categories and functions of all possessions and all items must be stored according to category with no deviations. For example, all cleaning supplies must be in one place in your home. According to her, you should not keep cleaning items under the kitchen sink and under the bathroom sink. They must all be in one cabinet in your home and moved. Take out, put back. A place for everything and everything in its place and everything in that place better be the same type of thing and there is only one place for each type of thing. OMG. I’m sure she’s helpful to women who have that clothes-shoes-purses shopping disorder but again, she is OCD fucking nuts. She bows to her rooms.

And Ray is not going to get his life together not working for 6 months. He does not have a mate or children. He is living alone obsessing about his possessions and past. He should be working. More money will help his problems more than unproductive alone time, dwelling on his feelings and his past. As a single man, he would have plenty of time to ‘clean up his life’ after work hours. I guess he took his money from the tv show with Adam and decided to loaf. That is not investing in himself, it is wasting money and wasting time and he ain’t getting any younger.

(Sorry, I’m a Loser too; it is easy to criticize others, isn’t it? That story about the rental Ray renovated made me sad. I once installed new light fixtures and switches and made other improvements - minor, nothing like what he did - to a rental only to have the owner immediately sell the place to an asshole who jacked my rent and made it impossible for me to live there. Never again; if you don’t own the walls, don’t invest in the walls.)

I wish Adam with all his arrogant advice could figure out how you install confidence or assertiveness in damaged adult psyches and fix internal motors that just don’t rev up.

Have enjoyed hearing about Adam’s work on his current house, plans for another house, and the new warehouse. I wish they could follow-up on more callers projects, I wonder how things worked out for them.

And Stromer is always fun.

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I liked the book but hard to follow all the advice to the letter.

The whole concept of thanking a physical object for its service before tossing it in the trash is something that has stuck wit hme.
Hypermotard wrote:I regret that ask.

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Adam was crabby again this week. I thought Ray actually had a snappy comeback to a line but instead of appreciating it, Adam launched into a diatribe about co-hosts not laughing loudly at his hilarious comments. I’m sure it’s a step up that Ray got compared to Drew, who apparently also does not demonstrate appropriate appreciation of his highness’ comic turns of phrases.

I obviously have not understood Ray the Renter’s pack rat affliction as it involves a dumpster being filled and that is not even the end of it? Storage unit? Stuff salvaged from jobs? Some of it might be useful. My cousin’s husband re-did their house with a lot of materials scavenged or leftover from reno jobs he managed.

Tarek El Moussa from Flip or Flop infamy was interesting (last week) although he’s a bit stiff and Adam mostly had numbers questions and wanted to know about disclosing deaths in the house to sellers. You know, how long after he kills Lynette does that affect the resale value of his house? Perhaps Gary (who did a nice job alone with Geragos) could do some of these interviews since he watches the shows.

My 85 year mother’s Sjogrens progresses and takes it toll. We never had much in common or shared books or watched shows together until this last year. I recorded some of my favorite HGTV shows on her dvr and together on weekend afternoons, we watch: Flip or Flop, Fixer Upper, Love It or List It UK, and the newish one Vintage Flip. Along with making our way through Grand Designs on Netflix; new builds in England and Scotland. (interesting but not liking all the steel and concrete in the modern home designs.)

Vintage Flip is old houses in historical communities surrounding LA with an intro to each city. Me and Mom, sitting in my folks tract home, owned by the bank and having too many ugly things used in the 70s still intact, love to criticize the wives designs. The Vintage Flip blonde does atrocious things with mismatched tile and colors. (Tarek’s wife Christina also sometimes makes kooky choices.) Tina recently did a large room in mauve lower half, busy black & white floral wallpaper top half, and bright green tiles on the fireplace. I would think she is high but she just had her third baby boy and is Mrs Wholesome. She does things with her blue eyes and poses and her hunky hispanic husband, who is an awesome flipper, just goes along with whatever she wants done. Like Tarek, Jessie is shown doing tile work himself for the camera.

Bryan Bishop had a funny tweet last week with the over-under numbers on Ray and things that might happen on the cruise.

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