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AOTH Generic Thread/General Discussion
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Ugh no Eric and Ray? Fuck you Adam. That was the best show on the network and the one I consistently listened to.

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Wish I could see Eric’s Canadian tv show. He is good with Adam. Also wish Stromer did two podcasts a week, the second with Ray because it turns out I miss his frustratingly fucked-up presence. I also liked when they chatted with the guys in the booth. The more allegedly unprofessional it got (by corporate ad standards), the more fun it was to hear.

But that was alternative radio from a pirate ship that is now a corporate yacht.

The shower Adam is planning for his new mansion will have two knobs for water: one preset to lock on and maintain whatever temperature his preference is and the other for the freezing water ritual he thinks gives him super powers. I was thinking “poor Lynette” then remembered they use different bathrooms.

His daughter wants a water slide and bowling alley. Don’t know how much land he has but I’ve seen some amazing things done in relatively small spaces on Grand Designs, like a lap pool in a basement.

Are their blueprints yet? Is that why Natalia said she wanted to be an architect? There have been mentions of collaboration with Paulette Geragos, who likes design. Will he film stages of the project? There is a market for the new-build story, especially since he is emphasizing ecology.

November 2016 photo of the women:
https://www.google.com/search?q=paulett ... vMXmn4twtM:

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