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End of DoT - Dameshek finally tells the full story
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It's been mentioned in a few other threads already, but this really does deserve it's own topic.
Dave Dameshek finally gives the tell-all interview that we've always wanted to hear, on the latest The Film Vault podcast.
Yes... it really was all The Weez.

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I can't wait to listen to this, I have it podded up for my lunch break. Is it selfish of me to wish this story had been saved for the DoT reunion show, though? Every story Shek tells becomes twice as entertaining with each David Feeney interruption.
(Which, as I'm sure all of us realize, is not a knock against the big Dave, as his stories are always chock full of edutainment).
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Please stop making new threads. The 17 threads we have about this are enough. Future new threads will be deleted. Thanks.

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My dear god. I thought I disliked Bald Bryan before but my dislike is through the roof now. Even with DD present on the show I couldn't make it through the entire thing. I had never heard this story before so was interesting to hear. Now am back to listening to some DoT.
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What are you talking about. Weezer, not Baldy.

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johnsok0 wrote:^

What are you talking about. Weezer, not Baldy.

This tell-all happened on The Film Vault, Baldy's show.

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