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12.30.10 - LBFM: Back from holiday
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Dec. 30, 2010: Back From Holiday, Starting A Hometown Bar, News, Lock Of The Week, Listener Mail
Cioffi's up to 2 pints of Mimosa every morning while on vacation, Marc's hometown has
zero bars in it and it's leading him to start one of his own, America's 10 drunkest cities,
delaying sex leads to strong marriages, a deranged taxi theft goes sorta-right,
Cioffi's Lock Of The Week, a listener gets real about "butterscotch madness" and more.

Vicar Of Christ
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I've been to Crestview many many times so this episode cracked me up, I'm a big big fan of LBFM.

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The game, not the airport, eh.
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So Cioffi is a mimosa swilling fancy boy now? Does that make him the 'baddest house wife'?

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This really made me a fan of LBFM.
"I love that Tommy Lee Jones. He's sexy. I love a man in his fifties with bad skin." - Adam Carolla

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