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01.26.11 - LBFM: Nudie Texts, Instant Booty Calls
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Nudie Texts, Instant Booty Calls and Squeezers From Anne Hathaway
[18+ ONLY!] Seena is baffled by the concept of a girl being able to just text a few words or
a picture and immediately convince a man to drop what he is doing and sleep with her.
Marc and Cioffi work through some scenarios with her. Plus: The awkwardness of handjobs
is in dispute, but no matter what, Cioffi'd be down for a squeezer from Anne Hathaway.?

Hot damn, two in one week!

Todd Brisket
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I don't see why the 18+ flag is needed. The only difference from any other lbfm show is that it's less homoerotic since there's a girl today.

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Not sure why Seena was shocked by that idea, guys are always always DTF.

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