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Watch this everyone........! Ooof! Fuck!
Ben Buff
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How many people a year do you think have 'Watch this!' as their final words? Jumping into an unseen abyss, setting themselves on fire or plumeting thirty stories slap bang into the concrete inches away from the swimming pool they were aiming for.

Good to see celebrities getting themselve in on the action too. Had a little chuckle at Enrique Iglesias slicing his fingers to shreds attempting to catch a drone that was filiming his concert.

One minute the definitely NOT balding crooner was king of all he surveyed the next he made himself look a proper arse.

Credit where it's due he carried on singing but it's hard to maintain an air of coolness when you're soaked in claret.

"I'm not asking you to think outside the box I'd just like you to rummage around inside it once in a while.' - Plato.

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