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The Car Show-Episode 4
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The Batman/Robin segment was ok but something was missing. Stuffing the girls in the MINIs was something I can see the Top Gear guys doing but in a funnier way. They gotta ditch the slotcar racing and Salley along with it. Overall not the best episode so far but as an avid fan of TGUK, I can show you complete failures on that show as well. I'm still giving the show a chance because it's better than many other shows out there.

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It looks like they have a tiny budget and have to spend most of the show in the studio.
I thought the show was supposed to be about cars. How about popping the hood on the Batmobile and see what's there?
When are the going to show Adams car collection?
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I loved this episode. Very funny Adam as usual but its even better this time because Matt, Dan and (GASP) John Salley got in some funny lines as well.
I like the in-studio stuff but the on-location stuff sucked. The batman segment feels like there was a lot of gold cut out and lots of unfunny stuff remained. Adam really needs to get in that editing bay and be more hands on with the show.
Loving Dan Neill every episode. He looks like an uptight prick, but it looks like he's game for anything and it looks like he's really working hard.

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The article you to share a story that makes work easier.

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The byproducts is to blast a parka which dump tire chewing.


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That's a funny word. Dump.
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wojonixon wrote:The byproducts is to blast a parka which dump tire chewing.



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