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2016-02-01 ARIYNBF: Jake Fogelnest
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I like to think I was something of a precocious whippersnapper, but writer, director, producer, podcaster, television personality Jake Fogelnest (Wet Hot American Summer, Billy On The Street, Difficult People) has me beat. At age 7 he wanted to be John Waters... and then actually contacted and spoke with John Waters. (I merely wrote a fan letter to animal expert Joan Embery and received a perfunctory written reply.) He went on to host a public access show, Squirt TV, from his bedroom in Manhattan which was later picked up by MTV all before going to rehab at the age of 17. Eventually he found UCB which is when, he says, his real career began. We discussed all this plus Terry Gross, The Monkees, the difference between Adam Driver and Ryan Seacrest, sobriety, resentments, self-care, selling out and so much more. We also took your questions over Twitter and did a round of Just Me Or Everyone.

http://www.podtrac.com/pts/redirect.mp3 ... elnest.mp3

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