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Penn's Sunday School
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Lyle McDonald (nutrition guy for the body-building crowd) has some good info on the topic of rapid weight loss. http://www.bodyrecomposition.com/fat-loss/is-rapid-fat-loss-right-for-you.html/

He basically says it depends on the individual (it can be good for some but not others) and what method is used (it should be based on eating real food and should teach you how to modify your diet and exercise habits for the long-term). For what it's worth, I have not tried his Rapid Fat Loss program, but his Guide to Flexible Dieting book helped me lose 80 pounds last year. Lots of good free nutritional info on his website.

Al Jarry
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that's enough to humor me for now
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Good job, lurkilou!

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SEG is correct
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Penn called me out on this week's PSS. :D :D

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