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The Show
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Thought on this podcast? I like it.
I like that Penn is really close with his fans and that comes across on the show.

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I love it. I always thought Penn was one of those loud atheists always preaching his own atheist religion, but I think that's mainly due to his persona on Bullshit and the various interviews he does. That bullshit tv show persona of his couldn't possibly be further from the truth, which is really interesting. Anyway, I'm a new huge fan of him.. can definitely thank Mr. Carolla for that, as I would have never listened to him on my own accord otherwise.
He's a really really smart guy and I love to hear his opinions on things. One of the episodes of his, he mentioned the definition of an intellectual... "someone who can hear the other side, and has the ability to change one's mind if given proper information" or some shit. Anyway, I like that... if people had that ability rather than sticking to their own stupid fucking ideals, the world would be a utopia.

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It's nice to see Penn give Adam some credit but it's even nicer to see Adam taking advantage of his opportunities. I hope Penn succeeds not only for the quality of his podcast but to also show the capability of ACE network.
JH Weekly: You have plenty going on and then you have an entire career with Teller. Why launch a podcast now?
Penn Jillette: I’ve been thinking about doing a podcast for a while. I wanted to do a show called Penn’s Sunday School forever. I wanted to do it once a week. And, I wanted to do it on Sunday. I wanted it to have at the root a feeling of community. I wanted to talk about issues that other people consider to be spiritual.
What was stopping me was not doing it; inertia. And, working Celebrity Apprentice and working with Adam Carolla, he was talking about doing his podcast. He spent a few years and got all the shit work out of the way. It was really Adam Carolla who made me go, “Now I can do that because Adam has done all the work I don’t want to do.”
JH Weekly: In what sense? Are you using Adam Carolla’s equipment or studio?
Jillette: I am not using his studio at all.  But he knows how to post [podcasts] on all eight sites you are supposed to post on. He also knows how you deal with insurance and omissions, how to get advertisers and have an advertising staff and all of that stuff. I believe I could figure it out. I was planning to figure it out. But Adam saying, “I’ve already done this, come on board,” made the timing really good.
Also, going on Adam’s network means that Adam talks about it and there is X number of downloads and hits when you are part of Adam’s machine.

JGdmn wrote:Fucking Fuckface go fucking fuck yourself fucking fucker.

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I really enjoy the show. Penn is no a comedian , but he is a showman of the highest order and he is chock full of great stories and anecdotes. Plus I happen to be of a similar religious outlook as him, which is always refreshing to be heard expressed. I also enjoy the insight into the world of magic.
Two things though:
I never fully trust a man who doesn't drink, unless he's a recovering madman that went through some wild days.
And...I can't decide if his laugh is just cutely unique or wildly annoying.

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Winner, Best New Pod of 2012 and the only good thing to ever be even somewhat connected to Celebrity Apprentice

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