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2012-04-15 PSS#9: Live at Aid for AIDS
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with Michael Goudeau.
Well I am busy this week attending to a sick relative, so I could only listen in the car and not make a full summary. But the first 30 minutes or so are fellow Vegas comic-magician Mac King, and two of the worst showbiz stories ever told, good listening.
• Mac King vomits on stage, but the show must go on
• Mac King: the very worst booking ever scheduled
• Penn has written a song titled "Clay Aiken" which is not negative towards Clay but Clay nevertheless decided not to sing on it. The single debuts on next week's Penn's Sunday School.
• Gary Karr - maybe the best string bass player ever - does an hour performance for Penn and friends in Penn's living room and it's stunning.
• Penn reflects on Adam's racing win.

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