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Todd Brisket, f.k.a. tardbasket
Born Todd Brisket
Residence Republic of Texas
Nationality Texan
Years active 2009 - present
Height 2'8"
Weight 45 lbs.
Twitter @trdbasket

Todd Brisket is a founding member of and acts as technical admin when 1780's Guy is no where to be found. He also created this wiki (from scratch). Brisket's tiresome efforts in transferring the Adam Carolla Forum from the unusable Forumer servers to its current home cannot be overstated. However, any goodwill that he engendered was soon pissed away through months of mismanagement and callous disregard for veteran's rights. Brisket was once overheard saying, "Veterans? The dook on my toilet paper after a hearty shit is worth more than veterans. I only care about members that joined after July 2010. "

Little is known about Brisket's personal life, apart from the fact that he has tricked a naive immigrant into mating with him, despite his obvious personality defects.

Todd Brisket died from complications related to Poogeria, November 12th, 2012.

Todd Brisket is largely disliked by the community he helped preserve and improve upon. Mostly it's due to jealousy, but also because he is 'tarded.

Todd Brisket is black, please Trayvon him on sight, he is armed and dangerous.

Held hands with PlaysByEar at South by Southwest 2k14.



Brisket is very proud of his shitty artwork. When he makes his "arts" he cracks up at the resulting picture. Subjects were originally Adam Carolla and his guests, but moved on to other podcasters, and eventually the artwork for the The Dime for Scale Movie Club.

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The Dime for Scale Movie Club

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